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Do you have pests and rodents in your workplace?

Your staff would not appreciate coming to work thinking that their work station was potentially been crawled over during the night with mice, cockroaches or even ants. Not only are pests dirty and un-hygienic they can cause untold damage to your office, warehouse or food premise, chewing through wiring, and plumbing, they get into your walls, ceilings, and even the floor.


rodents Rodents 

Did you know that mice are naturally incontinent? That means wherever they wander they urinate now that's not a nice thought is it? Rats are agile and can squeeze themselves into the smallest of places so even if you think your work place is water tight a rat could get himself into your property. b


ant and cockroach control Ant and cockroach control

Ants and cockroaches are well known for getting into pantries in your kitchen, water coolers and anywhere nice and warm with food for them to eat. They as you know are very hardy creatures and can be a bother to eradicate. But not to us!

Eradicate Ants, Cockroaches and Insects from  your workplace with our environmentally friendly approved pest management systems


fly and insect control Fly and insect control 

Get rid of those annoying flies in the summer months and remove spiders permanently from the interior and exterior of your home and shed.

New species of spiders come into New Zealand every year, some very dangerous, so it is important to control any problems quickly and efficiently.


Approved Pest Management

We have an approved accrediation with the NZ Pest Control 

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